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Retail/Shop Fit Outs

When it comes to retail stores, first impressions and atmosphere are very important to its success. Not only will these qualities affect the mood of your customers, they will also influence what types of customers you attract in the first place. Therefore, the fit-out of your store will help decide whether you reach your target audience or not.

Quality, professionalism, and client satisfaction are our top priorities at Arkade Interiors. This is why our certified and skilled employees use high quality equipment from trusted manufacturers to assure the job is done right. We always complete all jobs on time and on budget, whilst causing minimal disruptions, so you can start or resume business as soon as possible

Having immense experience and trust, we have provided exceptional results for small Australian businesses and large multi-national chains alike. Our previous client list includes

  • McDonalds
  • Suncorp
  • BUPA
  • Cancer Council
  • Gloria Jeans
  • and many more.

We work with clients across various sectors, we will therefore be able to expertly provide our shop fit-out services to everyone regardless of business type.

Our shop fitting services are not just reserved for new stores. Older retail stores and shops can also always benefit from renovations. After a long period of time, the once customer-attracting décor may be past its prime. Eventually it will come time for any shop to refit.

In doing so, you’ll have two option to pick from. You can close your store for a few days, which may lead to customer loss. But another option exists. If the fittings are minor, we can offer flexible services so you will be able to keep your store open while the fit-out is being implemented. This decision will depend on you, the type of service you need, and the amount of work being done. Either way, we will work fast and efficiently to ensure your business returns to normal as soon as possible.

Many chain retail stores have a strict layout you need to abide by, and with our experience we will have your store meet all the necessary requirements. However, every space is different and unique in its own way. Our designers will work with the layout given and utilise the area well, so you will get the best ratio between free space and shelves. This will help your outlet efficiently maximise your business potential.

Although we do keep our costs low, you may be wondering: why should you hire professional shop fitting contractors when you can instead do it yourself?

Quality is always our top priority, and is especially important for retail stores when you need to fit the guidelines given to you. By hiring Arkade Interiors, you are sure to avoid any mistakes.

For your own store, you will certainly want to make sure the fit-out is done right to avoid high maintenance or loss of customers down the line. With our professional service and expert advice, our fit-out services represent the best value for money in both the short and long run.