Common Commercial Joinery Questions

Joinery can be very simply described as the wooden components of a building including stairs, window frames, doors, door frames, and furniture. It is the process by which two pieces of wood are joined together (hence, the term “joinery”). The process, referred to here, of course, includes simple screwing, nailing, gluing as well as complex connections of joints. Gone are the days when Joinery in Sydney was primarily known for its functionality (for making the wooden components tough and secure). Over these years, it has actually come to be known for its decorative features. 

Commercial joinery encompasses commercial entities like companies and businesses including hotels, offices, bars, restaurants, and shops, etc. There are various reasons why you would want to consider commercial joinery services for your business. The first among those reasons, of course, is safety. You would want to create a safe environment in your office by making sure that its wooden components are joined safely. What more? Specialists can also custom-build fitouts to suit the size and overall décor of your office. Now, if you are looking forward to hiring commercial joinery services in Sydney as well, do ensure that you aren’t hiring one without asking them a slew of questions. The quality of answers thus procured should be the guiding factor governing your decision of choosing a particular service. 

What kind of experience do you have?

Now, experience is inevitably associated with the number of years in the industry. Now, when it comes to commercial joinery in Sydney, please make sure that you are particularly asking them about their exposure to the “commercial space”. In other words, we would advise you not to settle for a service provider, who is primarily into residential joinery in Sydney. Let us tell you that when it comes to joinery and carpentry, handling residential and commercial projects is not exactly the same. Commercial fitouts are way more exposed to usage than residential ones and as such have different functional demands. 

Tell us about the commercial projects that you have handled.

Let us tell you that only knowing about the years of experience in commercial joinery in Sydney will not really do. If they have told you that they have substantial experience in commercial joinery, do not forget to request further details like the names of the projects that they have handled, the scale of the projects (just in order to have an idea whether they would suit your project or not) , their usual turnaround time, etc. 

What have been the biggest challenges that you have faced so far?

Knowing about the challenges they have faced till date will give you an idea about their troubleshooting skills. The key is to know whether, at all, they have faced challenges pertaining to deadlines, the scale of the project, aesthetic differences with the clients or not. Now, when it comes to joinery in Sydney, these issues are not really uncommon. Try to find out if they have faced these challenges, how well (or badly) they have handled them. 

What is the USP of your services?

Now, let us tell you that if a company claims that they are specialists at what they do, they should actually be able to furnish a long history of work combining the best of functionality and aesthetics.  

 Would you mind giving us a list of your clients?

The best companies out there would encourage you to reach out to previous or existing clients so that it becomes easier for you to secure reviews about their work. One can understand that reviews end up facilitating a prospective client’s choice in a major way. If they are hesitant to do so, you should not really settle for their services in a jiffy. Extend your search to other names in the market and then make a decision after thoroughly comparing and contrasting claims made by companies engaged in commercial joinery in Sydney. 

How much would you charge?

Procure quotes from multiple companies before reaching a decision. Your budget is definitely one of the most important factors governing your decision but do let us tell you that you should not be prioritizing your budget at the cost of quality. There are companies that will offer you the right cost-quality combination. So, do make sure that you are prioritising both and not just one. 

It is very important on your end to conduct due research on the background of the company engaged in commercial joinery in Sydney before settling for their services. While you will be asking people for reviews and recommendations, asking the right questions to the store is also a part of your research. So, make sure you are asking these questions without fail to make an informed decision. If you are looking for quality joinery in Sydney, reach out to Arkade Interiors at 1300 889 209 or via email at Our customer-friendly support team will answer all your doubts and queries for your joinery needs in Sydney to help you with your dream joinery!