7 design trends for commercial interiors

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Many designers these days are using dark tones for commercial interiors in Sydney. These tones are the best options for reflecting the inherent beauty of nature, and they have a cooling effect on you. It is perhaps because of these reasons that they are in such demand nowadays for such commercial interiors. In this colour palette, you can use different shades of grey and charcoal that are tinged with various hues of green. You can combine them with the likes of ivory, taupe, and stone so that you can get a sense of balance to the proceedings.

However, if this is not good enough for you, you can always spice it up with a few splashes of zesty lime or fiery paprika and make it colourful:

  • Using designs that serve dual purposes
  • Companies these days have smaller budgets for designing the commercial interiors in Sydney, and therefore they are always looking at fresh ways to save some money in this regard. This has made the multipurpose designs so popular as a consequence. It must also be acknowledged that they do offer a wide array of possibilities. A prime example of such ergonomic innovation can be seen when cabinets are now being filled with slide-out seats that can make space for those urgent business meetings.

  • Geometric and super-scale patterns
  • All around Australia, small-scale designs have been used to design commercial interiors in Sydney. This is especially applicable to the hospital and hotel floors. However, in the last few years, they have been gradually eased out and replaced by large-scale geometric patterns with a more dramatic effect. With these striking designs, you can help your business make a design statement in the truest sense of the word. It would bring out your true personality and make a great impression on the people who visit your business premises.

  • Focus on eco-friendly designs
  • These days, companies have a greater legal obligation towards the environment, and therefore they are focusing on keeping the best interests of Mother Earth in mind while designing the commercial interiors in Sydney. Once upon a time, it was considered that glass did not help you save any energy. However, window design has gotten so much better now. Therefore, such an idea is no longer applicable. Currently, glass is expected to become a norm in eco-friendly construction in the future. You can try installing the likes of photovoltaic glass that comes with the latest solar cells installed straight onto the glass.

  • Emphasis on form over function
  • This has also become a significant design trend as far as commercial interiors in Sydney are concerned. Once upon a time, companies focused more on costs when buying furniture for their office spaces. However, these days the focus has shifted to design – especially on ergonomics. Therefore, the furniture being used in offices must be cost-efficient and comfortable at the same time. So, you can always expect to see a proliferation of features such as adjustable headrests and armrests.

    In this context, you can also see the rise of standing-height desks at the commercial interiors in Sydney.

    Additionally, it would be best if you kept in mind that the buyers these days are looking for high quality. Commercial furniture is also changing itself to reflect such changes in preference. By incorporating materials that promote more outstanding durability, the most prominent examples are rustic woods, tempered glass, and metal finishes.

  • A focus on collaboration
  • This is the age of continuous communication and interaction, which is only increasing. This is also being reflected in the way commercial interiors in Sydney are being designed nowadays. No longer is the modern worker ready to work all by themselves in a small cubicle where they cannot access natural light. This is why the commercial spaces these days are focusing more on making it as collaborative as they can. The companies are changing the layout of their interiors so that they can make it more collaborative.

  • Going for combinations with quirk
  • Many designers these days are also focusing on making it as quirky as they can while designing the commercial interiors in Sydney. This is the reason why they are shying away from the formulaic themes that are so obvious. Instead, they are using a wide range of quirky touches that are least expected in such spaces. The aim here is obvious – they want to make these spaces as unique as they possibly can. A most prominent example of this is how popular the non-matching floor tiles have become these days.

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