The Pros and Cons: Architectural Joinery?

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Everyone pays extra attention to Interiors, as most people wish their space to reflect their style and personality. Some of the homes have a dedicated theme when it is about decorating their space. People like to go with contemporary designs, while some love to be in the traditional format. This desire has made some people replicate both styles by transforming their furniture using exquisite pieces of timber. The owners of the houses consider all the elements that would make their furniture and other items like floors, doors, panels exclusive with architectural touch.
The professionals in the joinery business opt for two common types- conventional and architectural. Architectural joinery in Sydney is gaining popularity amongst the people with some ifs and buts. “Should I or Should not I go for architectural joinery over conventional joinery” is the central question posing a catch-22 situation. It is essential to point out the differences between the two.
Conventional joinery produces simple items and does not require expertise in the process. On the other hand, Sydney’s architectural joinery helps create a detailed, aesthetically pleasing timber item. The professionals are experts in the field and create masterpieces as per the requirements with the help of joints, nailing, gluing, or screwing the two pieces to make an object. These can be customised, and hence, bespoke designs can be obtained.

Pros Associated with Architectural Joinery

The main aim of the people going after architectural joinery in Sydney is to have exclusive masterpieces in their home, be it a table or any other piece of furniture, panel, door, or window.

The following are some of the pros associated with architectural joinery. Have a look!!

  • Design as per the Suitability
  • Designing has a different essence, and to make it look perfect, it is necessary to ensure that everything present in the vicinity is in line and proportionate with the item. The experts catering to architectural joinery in Sydney put into the best of their skill to carve out furniture and other items that would best fit into space- a big living room or a bedroom. They make functional masterpieces keeping in mind the space available and storage that it can accommodate. Since these are customised, a person gets 100% assurance of satisfaction in terms of taste and style.

  • Unique Designs on Quality Products at Affordable Price
  • Compared to readymade furniture and other products, it is always going to be the top choice because of its durability and affordability. The experts in this architectural joinery in Sydney use top-quality timber at the best price to create a unique design.

  • Create Value & Add Light
  • You know more about the space present in your house and your preferences than anyone else. Therefore, you would guide the expert according to the essential available features to customise the joinery. This way of joinery would always help add value to space and light ensure enough light accordingly.

  • One Time Investment
  • Custom joiners are undoubtedly a one-time investment yielding long-term gain. The best quality of products used by the joiners during architectural joinery in Sydney is seasoned and would last long. Hence, when it is about a one-time investment, it is the best option.

  • Joinery Services can be Creative
  • You cannot doubt the talent of the joiners. These experts have a team that works all together to provide elegant solutions to your demand. With the help of their experience, knowledge, and aesthetic sense, these professionals would help carve out designs and make them expressive. These joiners can take their creativity to the next level to create a jaw-dropping structure.

However, with pros comes the cons as well.

According to the expert catering to architectural joinery in Sydney, every pro comes with cons. The following are some of the cons associated with the architectural joinery:

  • Need Maintenance Regularly
  • Whether it is the bespoke panel, window, or door- these customised items need maintenance after a certain period. Failing to do so would make the item lose its originality.

  • Expensive At Times
  • The cost of the overall expense of architectural joinery in Sydney might shoot up depending upon the design and complexities. A joinery item with a simple design would be far cheaper than joinery with a heavy and customised look.

  • Outdated with Time
  • Many people believe that bespoke designer furniture, doors, and tables outdated with time. But these are not true. The designers of this architectural joinery consider that design never outdated, especially when it is about joineries.


Stylish joinery makes a house look beautiful and enhances the value of the property. This is one of the main reasons why people need to look for the kind of joinery they should go with for their house. Architectural joinery items are the popular ones and will always remain a part of every property- residential and commercial. Arkade Interiors has been continuously offering tailored and customised solutions with creative ideas and innovative designs.

Experts from Arkade Joinery are well trained and have years of experience providing quality architectural joinery customised as per your needs. Contact us on 1300 889 209 or email us at for a free quote at an affordable rate.